She walked out on stage, lip synced, I don’t like Spiders and Snakes, and brought the house down. For weeks, tension had been building at our small college. This group pitting itself against that one, in hopes that their contestant would win.

Many women were competing for the crown; yet, all these years later, one still stands out, to me. Through her talent, she wooed us back to center with a dose of Spider’s medicine.

In our hyper-competitive individualism, we frequently forget that each act today, serves to create tomorrow. Spider’s web reminds us of our connections, something we tend to forget.

Daily encounters extend invitations. It is up to us to incorporate them into supportive patterns. How authentic are our designs? Do we trust that our presence matters?

Also, what do we do when other people thwart our plans? Do we allow goodness to do its work in us? Are we mindful that though other people’s actions impact us, they do not weave threads for us?

Acts of ill-will can seem abrupt; even so, these events can strengthen our intuition. They reveal the fainter discernment that earlier, we chose to ignore.

I have no idea whether or not the contestant intended to address all the hubbub, with her song. Either way, she offered us relief from weeks of scheming, by overly interested parties.

Spending Saturday evening at a beauty pageant was not my idea of fun, and certainly not side-splitting laughter. That night; however, in support of a friend, I went and experienced both through a grand exposure of the difference between jealousy’s piercing green eyes and endearing laugh lines.

While many got caught in plotting negativity, a quick-witted woman disclosed it. Without embarrassing a single person, she walked out on stage and laughed in scarcity’s face.

Thank you, Spider, for uncovering our prejudices. You remind us that what we do to other people, we also do to ourselves. There is only one web. Teach us to weave with kindness, while moving through anything that seeks to entangle us.

Sacred Sensations*

Inhale through your mouth. Exhale through your nose.

Inhale a full breath of grace. Exhale, freeing people you have kept trapped in your web for far too long.

Inhale a full breath of forgiveness. Exhale, admitting that by holding them captive, you have trapped yourself in the past.

Inhale a full breath of hope. Exhale, a freeing blessing on them. 

Continue, until you can feel the flow of healing grace leading you forward.