Torpor Time

In the winter months, Bear goes into a light sleep state called torpor. We would be wise to allow Bear to emerge as an archetype, and take torpor time. More times than not, glimpses of Spirit come when we pull away from outer distractions.

Bear lives in the West (feminine), on the medicine wheel. As fall turns to winter, Bear enters a womb-like cave. 

Part of the year, Bear lives in the external facing the elements in search of food. In the winter, however, when nourishment is scarce, Bear spends more time conserving energy. 

Sometimes we, too, need to shift focus away from intensity to simply be. Browning out is often what creativity needs to deliver. In the blink of an eye, we see a situation differently or inspiration comes.

If moving in several different directions does not jolt the momentum, try pausing. The bear pictured above is dressed in cowry shells, a gentle yet visible reminder of the birthing place. Womb time allows for the development of new life. 

Spiritually speaking, what do you want to take form in your life in the coming year? 

When rain pours, winds blow or the summer sun creates unbearable heat, the Sacred within becomes a safe haven. There we soften judgmental lines we’ve drawn and open to broader, more meaningful ways to interact with people.

To be fully alive in this world, without attaching ourselves to the drama, is an art form worth learning. As we let go of self-pity and blame, we discern the difference between defensiveness and boundaries. And in forgiving other people, we discover forgiveness for ourselves. 

It doesn’t matter when we take our torpor time, but rather that we periodically turn our attention to the spirit world. Ask yourself, “Am I allowing Spirit, time to brood? Have I opened up space in my life for something new to come forth?”

Seasons that require getting things done will roll around soon enough. Perhaps the pay off will be greater, if we take yearly torpor time to nurture those things taking form within.

Making Spirit Flesh*

What do you want your life to look like at the end of next year?