Deception, death, truth and wisdom are several meanings people ascribe to Owl. Though different, they seem to be steps in growth, for when we face deceit, we die to illusions. Then we can accept truth, which invariably leads to wisdom. 

Being true requires repeated re-creation: cycling through death’s darkness and spiraling back around into light-filled reawakening. 

I study a sacred text, a poem or someone’s thoughts about life and either make judgments or let the words act as a mirror. When I bring myself into the words, I have to ask, “Why did that soften my heart, or trigger dualism?” 

Long before there were written words, indigenous people read nature. All of creation was part of their family.

As in any family, some members confront us. Owl flies at night, when we are more likely to recognize the truth of a situation. Oddly, when we are present to Creator’s expression, we understand ourselves better. 

Which creatures do I like? Are there any I do not? Can I love Creator and not appreciate all of them? Can I warm to an artist and despise their work? These are humbling conundrums to hold.

In the beginning, there was a dark void from which beauty emerged. At this time of year, Christians celebrate another creative act that came from a dark void, a womb. There, a promise grew; a commitment to transform a measuring law, into a soul-connecting relationship. 

Can I believe in that promise and not offer the same grace to other people?

What if God is the whole of it, the one big Great Mystery; and within the Great Mystery is where Holy Spirit moves, guides and creates? And what if remaining grounded, but also flowing with life is how one discovers The Way, the Christ-like love within, for other people?

Created in their image, from Genesis 1, is an invitation to Oneness. “I am not God, but I am not other than God.” James Finley 

When night falls, Owl confronts us with truth by asking, “Who are you?” Answer that question, and why you are here, is easier.

Making Spirit Flesh*

Whether you are more comfortable with an indigenous creation story, a seven day biblical narrative or the big bang, it happened. There was a dark void and then there was light and life. 

How can you create a life-giving womb for your circumstances today?