Turkey Squirrel

Dreams allow two spirit animals come to us as one, like Turkey Squirrel. This imaginary creature prompts us to gather and give. 

Some individuals collect and disperse things of substance. Others gather experiences to impart wisdom.

Throughout summer, squirrels dart about digging holes and damaging property. At first, they are more of a nuisance than the shining examples of readiness that we eventually come to appreciate. 

Carson and Sams call squirrels, boy scouts of the animal kingdom.
Squirrel’s motto: Be prepared.

These bushy-tailed rodents have vibrissae, antennae-like whiskers, that inform them of their surroundings. Similarly, as we live from the Sacred within, we develop discernment.

Squirrel-type people prepare for uncertain times. They sense winter coming, or perhaps ramifications of poor choices. Frequently, people dismiss them as frenetic or hyper-sensitive. 

However, it takes work to meet leaner times, with enough. Therefore, we must ask ourselves: Are we deepening down to Soul’s desire, or continuing on in our sameness and expecting different results?

Humans are a curious species. We want more from life, e.g., to fly, yet continue digging and climbing. In addition to our routine behavior we hoard, fearing scarcity, when a lighter load would free us to lift off.

Also, we need to have mercy, remembering that it is not always about financial security. Many wealthy people are lacking in spirit.

That’s when Turkey opens our eyes to the great give-away. Turkey reminds us of our connectedness, nudging us to offer what we have, for the well-being of the whole. 

Turkey teaches us to give sacrificially. Do we not yet know that what we give to another, we give to ourselves, as well? At this point, think energy and spirit.

Everything we offer has energy. What are we sending out into the world? Are we offloading our collectables expecting something in return, or offering life?

Giving from the Sacred within invites recipients to live. Spirit comes as Turkey Squirrel, first nudging us to gather and then, to give. It is up to us to breathe life into our gifts.

Sacred Sensations*

Sit with a few things you plan to give away (material things or words of wisdom). Breathe into them. Pray a sincere intention over them. Drum or rattle healing vibrations around them. The practice will bring a scattered body, mind and spirit together.

Upon completion, let go and watch what happens.