I saw it in the other, because I noticed it in myself, and vice versa. Anything we substantiate, becomes a target. When we vaporize our identities; however, arrows can fly through us.

On one side, I could have ignored the inner voice, refused to ask the deeper questions and pretended to belong, forever. On the other, I could have divorced my pastor husband, railed against our faith tradition and been an automatic shoo-in. 

Sometimes we need to take drastic measures. More often, we know that no matter where we are or who we are with, similar circumstances will meet us, because Life’s intention for us is to evolve.

What paradoxes do you hold? At a point, my tradition labeled me one way and my broader views, another.

I was not interested in widening the chasm, but rather finding a dynamic tension between the two. It began with a desire to explore similarities in what either called other.

In many ways, the two sides were alike. Most people wanted to make a difference in the world.

Groups on both sides, outwardly welcomed all, but struggled with prejudices. Even though we wanted to change inwardly, we formed stronger bonds over common enemies.

True to human nature, we often confused temperament traits, accomplishments, wounds and failures with Essence. Being aware of how we operate in the world, celebrating our successes and grieving our losses are crucial to development. Even so, they are not Soul, but rather invitations to live from the Sacred within. 

What do we have to show for our lives if not the monuments we have built to our achievements and the shrines we have decorated to our wounded-ness? Nonetheless, when we cease substantiating ourselves with these things, we invite other people to refine their discernment of us.

And as we wait, discerning people step forward from among the many others with drawn bows.

The moment we attempt to bridge opposites, arrows fly. As we distinguish outer labels from what we know to be True Self, we can vaporize our self-made targets and choose to live.

Making Spirit Flesh* 

“You are the sky, everything else – it is just the weather” Pema Chødrøn

Spend time observing yourself without the external facades.