Vibrant Core

Wholeness nudges us to widen our pretentious boundaries, and also to let go. As we become more compassionate and give less prominence to other people’s opinions, we can better influence from a vibrant core.

Soul loss does not necessarily appear as dramatic explosions or seedy implosions. One’s partialness can show itself in an inability to be present or a need to lord over, making other people look foolish and small.

Customarily, people seeking wholeness look to spiritual organizations. Like sunny days, these communities can brighten our spirits, support our needs and give traction to our plans.

But still, outer attempts at belonging, only temporarily fill the void. When joining a group does not satisfy, aspirants may begin a quest for approval or positional power. Though status opens opportunities, it does not fill the vacancies within us.

Frequently, we get it backwards. We lead from the impaired power of me, while filling our emptiness with other, or we. This sets unrealistic expectations on those around us.

Sacred within satisfies our me needs, enabling us to lead from the purpose of the group, rather than from personal dominance. Then, members’ going and coming hinges on agreement with, interpretation of, or how well leaders implement, the group’s mission.

Healthy leaders set foundational controls. They know the why, what and how of the organization. Rather than shaming, they let all things flow from and back to the organization’s reason for existence.

Likewise, individuals in daily life, can objectively handle challenges. When we know, and stand strong in our purpose, we free people to come alongside or to connect with us, from a distance.

Sharp discernment of sensing when to pounce on a situation and when to simply let it be, usually comes from stepping into the unknown to face our own fears.

All too regularly, passive leaders lacking confidence, work their agendas through climbers and pleasers, rather than directly addressing issues with the people involved. Almost always, this exacerbates already negative situations. 

In the sun’s radiance, Jaguar guides us around spotty agendas. At night; however, melanistic Panther demonstrates how to stalk down, through our self-doubt, to the vibrant core.

For personalized vetting tools, in considering a leadership position in an organization, contact: Lisa@SacredWithin.Us

Sacred Sensations*

Standing strong: Click here and scroll down to the Mountain Pose video

Sacred Ruminations*

Think of living from True Self as standing strong in Mountain Pose. In aligning your daily choices with True Self, ask these questions:

What are my non-negotiable issues? How has ignoring these things cost me? In what areas am I willing to consider broadening?

For organizational leaders: Are you using inclusion as an excuse for giving unstable people prominent positions? How has that highlighted your own insecurities? What have you gained? How has it cost you?