What a weasel! If we’ve not said the words out loud, most likely, we have thought them, a time or two. Our world is full of calculating people. The wiliest ones cover up personal black holes, unaware of the light, within.

If weasels stray too far from honesty, eventually, they blush to see their schemes boomeranging back around in humiliation. When trickery harms people, we all lose.

The actual creatures:

Weasels are carnivorous. Often, they go for the jugular of larger prey. Their tomfoolery leaves people exasperated. To their credit, they control the rodent population.

So, what is Weasel’s archetypal gift to us?

Developed Weasel warns community of coming danger. A greater number of underdeveloped weasels might mature their gift, if we were more discerning and comfortable with mystery. Unfortunately, we are slow to accept unwanted prophecies. While “w” crafts elaborate shenanigans to manipulate outcomes, “W” closes her eyes, in prayer, to see, hear and know.

Righteous Weasel’s intention is not vengeful, but rather filled with medicine that leaves little ”w” puking up the ill effects of dividedness. Weasel understands that we cannot compartmentalize integrity.

Fully formed Weasel does not need proof. She Knows. Parents experience a similar heavy-heartedness as they watch their children go through tough life-lessons. Transformational leaders feel that same weightiness.

Transmuting from “w” into full-fledged seeing, hearing and knowing Weasel, requires trust. We can begin by wearing integrity’s mask, until one day, it becomes us.

While our need to control may be the greatest deterrent to transformation, other people’s need to control us, offers an invitation to deepen in a community of promising attributes.

Strengthening our faith past naive tendencies draws Weasel’s giftedness. The choice is ours. We can pretend that another person’s journey is our own, or we can actually experience Life, beyond day-to-day actualities.

Perhaps, the greatest gift we can give, this Christmas, is True Self. Why not ask Weasel, in all of her sneakiness, to search our motives and make this the year of wholeness.

Create in me, an undivided heart.

 Sacred Ruminations*

Think of someone you consider weasel-like. Imagine his or her stealth developing into full-fledged seeing hearing and knowing.

Open up to Weasel’s medicine and practice listening to the still small voice inside.