What If?

What if God were big enough to hold every person, place and thing seen in the light, as well as all that hides in the dark? Can you imagine what that kind of love would look like? One that has enough grace to hold beliefs you are comfortable with and people you are not? One that exudes forgiveness that vibrates with healing energy?

Are you visualizing an image? Is it familiar to your upbringing or ethnicity or an uncomfortable one? 

Who or what do you see, when considering a love that big? Jesus? Buddha, a father, a priestess or maybe an owl flying through the night sky? Think of it, Great Mystery expanding beyond cultural lines, and rigid edges that keep love grounded and explainable.

What if the Holy put on a disguise, different from how you learned to see God, an image to meet you where you are now? Are you able to explore that possibility or does fear of being excluded, keep you from breaking free?

How does Presence show up when you are alone? Through words, stars. a breathtaking moment with the Sacred within? And which is holier, a scientific equation or a bright light on a Damascus Road? 

When life is overwhelming, ask yourself what you separate from Divine Love? Spiritual or political leaders who abuse their power? A person who is aggressively for, what you are fiercely against? 

What if you could find God somewhere in the people pleasing do-gooder, a family member who harshly judges you or the friend who skirts the truth to coverup insecurities? Can you see something in their choices that is also in you? Perhaps an invitation to humility?

Whether your current challenge is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or relational, Love will surely come with a call to transform. When that happens, ask yourself, what if Great Mystery is big enough to hold each one and every thing, even me…just as I am? 

Making Spirit Flesh*

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Can you trust Love enough to accept yourself, as you are, right now?