It was spring. By winter a big smile graced my face. I could no longer hear the condescending words and tone.

“What an imagination! You do know that the still small voice, you heard, was your own.”

The voice of True Self and Sacred within are one and the same. When our deepest longings are one with our callings, something sacred is developing. Still, I had to give the accuser credit for being wise in testing my claim of hearing from the Holy.

In the northern hemisphere, Christians celebrate the birth of Infinite Love in winter. Later, Pentecost comes around. I had been through the cycle before. Here I was, beginning again.

I was thankful for my Baptist upbringing that taught me the stories.

Pentecost was an unexplainable event. A violent wind blew and the men’s tongues seemed to be on fire. In the early years, A.D., just as today, people needed an explanation, so they created one.

These men must be drunk!

My heart leapt. There was no chance that I was missing this word coming to fruition, in me. The ancient story assured me that I was in good company and if experiencing the story meant wearing the label, delusional, I would gladly put it on myself.

Each winter Bear invites us into her cave. In spring, summer and fall, she offers us strength and protection, but in winter, she reminds us of gestating time and rebirth.

In the cave, she teaches us how to feed and heal ourselves. For three seasons we have opportunities to give and receive with community. And then, we have one season to listen, reflect, deepen and rest.

I crawled up into Bear’s womb-like cave to better understand how the universe supports us when we think we are alone. The space where the Sacred and I created an unbreakable bond was both empty and full.

Throughout the year we may fantasize over reaching daring possibilities. In winter; however, we follow Bear’s tracks into her cave, lie on Mother Earth, sync our drumming heartbeats with hers, and wait.

Note: This is a compilation of encounters that I, and other people, have experienced. I typically write experiences and the patterns I see emerging from them. If you want to explore developing callings, feel free to contact me:

Sacred Ruminations*

We do not always have the luxury of following seasons. For some, the gift of winter may come at a different time of year. What are some ways you can incorporate winter into your life, this year?