In Spirit Clans, David Carson tells a story about Ant.

A native woman, who lost everything, met an apparition dressed in red. By trusting the ghost-like spirit, she found the ant clan restoring her life.

Spirit invites us to happenings. Some people hold only to explainable beliefs, while others enter a more experiential faith.

I remember when the Abrahamic journey called my name. Because I said yes, my life from that point forward radically changed.

Later, subsequent stories summoned me. I could not simply believe the stories, I had to live them.

Through the years, in all of my fasting and praying, I experienced far more change in myself than I witnessed in any other. Finally, I learned to begin with self.

Mateo Sol poses two choices in, 7 Signs You’re a Free Spirit:

I prefer my spirituality to affirm and comfort me.

I prefer my spirituality to challenge and deconstruct me.

Three times, I released much of what I had worked for. Different from the woman in Carson’s story, I could fault no one for my loss.

To allow something new to form in me, I had to let go. Consequently, each person involved, had a choice of undergoing metamorphosis or holding on to a former stage.

Change can feel like a big foot trampling on us. I wish I could offer one lovely spiritual practice that would ease us through change. For me, more times than not, conversion has come in the form of facing my own, and other people’s shadows.

Through each change, Spirit restored me with both a deeper faith and wider circle. I emerged from loss with fewer guidelines, yet with a greater sense of Infinite Love around me.

Ant persisted with her building until Nature illumined brighter. Now, I see and hear Spirit’s messages everywhere, just like I did as a child.

The third time of letting go, I guess I could say that Spirit came as Ant, like in Carson’s story. Thank you, red caped One, for meeting me where I was with patience and love.

Sacred Ruminations*

What is happening in your life? What personal shadows are surfacing? How do you plan to move through developmental stages? Will you allow other people necessary room to grow, as well?