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Alienated Parts

Continued from Mourning: Our alienated parts cry out and we admit a sense of powerlessness. We persist forward, asking for help, often to find additional suffering. “Sell them equipment. Prescribe medication. Keep our patients coming back.”   These were management’s orders … Read More

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Staying Power

Her face captivated me. At first glance I might have used words like meek or endearing. In regard to this lifetime, she was advancing in years. What was the secret to her staying power? This fountain represented a person who … Read More

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Because pioneering draws me, I have experience in leaving. Over the years, I have found remembering this one thing helpful. When I make a change, all people connected to my change also have to make changes, changes they did not … Read More

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A Loving Presence

If waves of day-to-day reality are not crashing in on us, the tide is surely lapping over our feet. Weaving our unexplainable real storylines together with our day-to-day actualities can encourage a loving presence in the world. *Dreamtime’s ocean followed me back … Read More