Wild Boar

Before moving west, I lived in America’s evangelical south. During our country’s recent upheaval, I have read prayers like, “Lord Jesus, come and rescue us.” If we’ve never done heart wrenching soul work, we are surprised when Life confronts us with the energy of Wild Boar, forcing us to face our fears and prejudices.

Gentle Deer came, inviting us to open our hearts to those we call other. Many people turned away and demanded instead, the force of a warrior to protect us from change. 

Deer is gone; nonetheless, Love continues to rescue us, through our current circumstances. All of the personal red flags we ignored, attracted Wild Boar with the vigor of a charging bull. 

Sometimes we need to ask for outside help. More often; however, we beg for a religious savior or elect a political one, while refusing to strengthen our personal power, through humility and love. 

Preachers preached salvation from our sins, things we had done. Perhaps now, we need to be saved from the people we’ve become.

As long as we remain stuck in seeing Jesus solely as savior, rather than following him to the cross [our individual crosses], we continue avoiding the personal death and resurrection of our small ego selves to truer ones. Is clinging to particular issues worth normalizing behavior that will harm everyone far more in the end? 

When Wild Boar confronts us with illness, racial prejudice, abortion, divorce, addiction, betrayal, fears around gender identity, etc., we have an opportunity to evolve? Life awakens us to the Sacred within, until being human becomes the most spiritual thing we can do.

This is dedicated to anyone who has grown beyond well-earned perceptions of places and traditions and still wakes up each morning, in those same places, choosing love. 

Sacred Ruminations*

Rather than Jesus’ literal words, “No one comes to the Father [Love], except by me [The Way to Love],” consider a more inclusive meaning.

Living the way of love, is the only way to love.

How does this shift in thinking, change your perception of people you call other? Careful, at some point, you may become other. It might even change your politics.