I came out of my dark night of the soul, deeply rooted in joy. Also, I discovered a bluebird in my heart, with a gift of happy. Though the rich void was never far from me, I was lighter in spirit. 

Once we have experienced deep-seated joy, independent of favorable circumstances, we appreciate ordinary things in new ways. While uncertainty holds the awe-filled experience of being done unto, we gradually find more pleasure in positive environments, appreciating the simplest things, like never before.

Another gift that comes from time spent in the dark night is being less invested in other people’s opinions. If we allow transformation, we become more compassionate people. Even so, we are not as attached to what other people think.

This paradox of being more caring yet unattached, serves us well, as the cheery nature of one often stirs up unhappiness in another. Though it may not be our intention, our joy will provoke resentment that disgruntled people have kept hidden under the surface, long before we came along.

Even if we curtail our exuberance around individuals, in darkness, Bluebird continues her singing. That’s when we have to find other places to express our exhilaration.

While in the midst of it, I thought I would never long for more time in the dark night, but I did. In the light there were so many people with competing voices vying for my time. As thrilling as it was, I would often remember being in the dark night, tucked away with Infinite Love.

How do we know we are encouraging our development and not giving up or giving in to our demise? All I know to do, is to take the next step, while singing the truest song we know, at that time.

If we are looking for Joy as a faithful companion, regardless of the situation, we can expect loss. Eventually; however, we find not only joy, but also happiness popping up all around us. Only after we break down our optimistic pretenses, are we able to truly welcome Bluebird and her gift of happy.

Sacred Ruminations*

If necessary, what are some ways you can engage at work, with family or in community, without letting other people destroy your joy?