When we’ve domesticated Soul, and come to a season of quiet, we hear Essence calling. In the past we turned to outer authorities, and whipped our lives into shape. Now, we trust Chrysalis for a personal metamorphosis.

We wonder. What will fall away and what will strengthen within us?

At midlife, if not sooner, marginalized Soul parts cry for our attention. Deep down, we long for wholeness.

Typically, through a jolting event, Sacred within invites us on a journey to a truer Self. At the time Soul calls us, we have a choice to continue homogenizing ourselves or molting with Caterpillar?

As we exit the protective shell, we look out over a vast landscape. Our feelings of excitement are mixed with the fear that perhaps we’ve move too far from our beliefs. Instead, what contributes to our well-being, and also to the greater whole, has become one with us, rather than remaining only rational beliefs.

The soul parts we once camouflaged, are our guides through transformation. As we bring them out into the open, we hear Essence’s unique language, maybe for the very first time.

Initially, we can expect pushback or outright rejection.

People more frequently come to our rescue when we face deficiency needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy. Growing pains of self-actualization; however, are every bit as real as the pains of deficiencies, because they confront how people, with whom we have been in relationship, relate to us now.

Instead of being met with support, we face disapproval, which separates us further. We can take heart, for this too, is a part of transformation’s process. 

Oddly, our closest confidants often create the biggest obstacles to our moving forward. Although we may experience great loss in temporary separation, we finally have uninterrupted time to form our wings. 

Though western culture regularly highlights the benefits of accomplishing goals, it does not emphasize spiritual metamorphosis. Because transformation is not about achieving, we choose compassionate vulnerability in the day-by-day of being done unto. After all, we never know where we will be on Maslow’s stair steps tomorrow.

Sacred Ruminations*

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The more we standardize ourselves to outer authorities, the less we need our truer Selves. In my experience, Life and Love required dismembering of the small ego self to find a truer Self hidden in the Sacred within.