Sky and earth circled around me, until they pared me to my essence. First, I stood beneath stars and then sand until canopy and floor whirled themselves into one.

Without any adornment, I dove into a sea of sky and rode the indigo waves to a hope-filled portal. Journeying settled me into Trust, allowing me to live in the turbulent now.

Both darkness and fire abet us in dismembering personas down to Essence. When we grieve that loss, all the falsities in us, we respond differently to other people. 

Whatever choices we’ve made to fit in, fight, craft change or forgive, they eventually bring us to the one moment of now. Once again, we stand at a cross in the road. Will an event today, be the one that finally awakens us to ourselves?

It is about you and I and our lives here on earth, and not some god outside of us. 

If your god has not permeated you, it is not God, but an illusion, an aspiration at best. If each of us claims who we are, we will begin getting somewhere!

Love (or God) comes, yet we halt the experience when we feel we are losing control. Though we want to be swept away, we refuse to let go of what we know. We prefer the familiar, because we can manage that.

A life event challenges our certainties. We cry out for someone to rescue us. But we do not need saving as much as we need to remember who we are. At our essence is light and love. 

Once we shatter our fear of the big, bad other, and own who we are, we are free. Not that there is no big, bad other in or outside of us, but we are free from overly attaching.

Pared down, in the quiet before day breaks, we lie with a thin veil that divides our illusions from who we really are. Will we continue to focus on all things outside of us, or crossover to recover the power of Sacred within? 

Sacred Ruminations*

Try this: Each time that you make a judgment about someone or something today, pause and be mindful of what is taking place in you. Can you name it? Where did it originate? Are you able to separate how much of your energy is personal and how much is other?

When you die, what spirit do you want to leave behind?