Just when our seriousness escalates to lid popping level, a holy fool comes and relieves the pressure by pulling log after log from our eyes. Every culture has its sacred clowns. In nature, Coyote is Trickster.

It was garden-like back then. Everything was weed or flower, good or bad, like us or other.

Life was easy. Easy is safe, but at a point easy is as boring as rules are stifling. Interacting with parable or story; however, brings in free will, creativity and imagination?

Koshari, Heyoka, Jester, Hyena, Coyote or any enlightened religious figure comes to open the gates to our stern gardens of absolutes, so we can witness Love fulfilling law, as we never dreamed. They hold up mirrors, so that we will laugh at ourselves, or cry. 

We may not give much thought to hating something in the distance. What about when it closes in on our communities or families? Then the words, but have not love, blow in like clouds and hover over our lovely flowerbeds. 

Wise ones often communicate in metaphor and opposites to keep us from going to seed. Before they are developed, these clowns may be mean tricksters. Still, they can have a place in our transformation, if we are tending to the gardens of Sacred within. 

If we know what our hearts can handle, we can set boundaries accordingly.

Living words speak one message to us at twenty, and something different at forty and sixty. This is what allows true story, or myth, to be both personal and universal. Poetry, or any of Soul’s languages, requires reflection because the words are as alive as the coyote that runs through my yard and leaves me stupefied.

When life seems upside-down, we need something to stimulate both our humility and sense of humor. Through awkward antics, Coyote mirrors any self-righteousness and reminds us that none of us is God and yet, all are sacred. The lessons are as painful as they are freeing.

Sacred Ruminations*

Ask Coyote to take you back to a difficult time to find something humorous in all of the seriousness. Can you bring that same lightness of heart to a trying circumstance today?

Do you dare allow humor to usher you into the future?