Natives danced around a blazing fire. Their lively prayers were free of judgment. One of their own was going through spiritual dismemberment. Crow cawed. Flames leapt. Afterwards another soul would emerge fully alive.

Because they lived in Spirit’s power, the community prayed as if this dear one’s Essence had already come forth. Imagining the outcome was more than wishful hoping. They knew, for they had clearly seen.

When we avoid spiritual deconstruction, we fence ourselves inside sweet gardens contained by our naivety. On the other side of the dark night is a promise of morning.

Once we have faced near death, going back to foundational basics over and over is overwhelmingly redundant. Nonetheless, it is all we can do unless we choose to go further.

Picking at “sins” seems petty. After thoroughly disintegrating our personas, only sweeping broad currents, like love, matter. It is both wonderful and painful.

Because we are universally connected, possessiveness becomes passé. Gradually, we loosen our grip on everything and everyone. Our prayers become about freeing people, because ultimately their lives will release healing medicine for the whole.

Crow’s caw warns us of the difference among religious law, human law and sacred law. We have laws that protect beliefs and laws that govern us in the day-to-day, both of which change as we change. But Crow caws of Spirit’s enduring law, grounded in forgiveness and love.

Though religion can carefully bind our brokenness, the language often separates us. When that happens, we can turn to Sacred Law to bring us back together. Hearing its truth relies on discernment, rather than compliance to word choices that point to particular beliefs.

Creation’s Bible (nature) holds every truth and no words to argue. She is the great Shaman that was present before any religion made its debut. 

Mother Earth does not ask for our worship, but rather shows us how to stand strong while giving our lives away. In my faith tradition, Jesus came as our example. He did not ask for our worship, only that we turn his Spirit into flesh. Crow caws.

Sacred Ruminations*

What does turning Spirit into flesh look like?