I enjoyed her mournful coos, until Dove’s songs climaxed to a daily incessant fuss. How did this gentle creature become so annoying? After mounting frustration of day after day and all day long noise, I considered possible messages that Creation’s Bible might have for me, through Dove.

Was Universe holding up a mirror for me? Was Holy Spirit taking me the long way around into a deeper peace?

Now, by accepting Dove’s invitation to mourn through abysmal layers, when I wanted to simply move forward, I chose to open more fully to calm. Moving forward meant giving attention to things, that out of necessity, I had pushed away or had not noticed.

This was a new season. At other times, written scripture and books played a primary role in my working through things. Now instead, Creation’s Bible was reading me and not with as many words and thoughts as I once overly depended upon.

I recalled times in childhood when I lay in the grass, gazing at clouds in the sky. I remembered times throughout my life, sitting outside at night, swathed in the starry nights. Often, in those times, clarity would arise. Once again, it was time to let go of excessive intention and allow the ease of contemplative being to come forth.

Daily, Dove sits high in a tree or perches on a bird feeder outside windows from which I frequently look. No longer does she obsessively coo her despairing songs. By her mere presence, Dove draws me into the peace that comes with knowing self and settling into the Sacred within.

Dove invites me to greet joy and pain equally, knowing that either will eventually pass, making room for the other. She encourages me to trust the Knowing that each emotion brings and to appreciate how our own healing connects us to others.

Dove reminds me to compliment intentional times with pausing to be and to be done unto. Her presence prompts me to live without concern for what may come from my quiet, and rather to simply receive or give it, as Gift.

Sacred Ruminations*