Freeing Landscapes

There are places that reach inside of me and ask that I become more. They ask for a different kind of more, not the achieving kind, but another form that requires relinquishing the externals for a dance with Spirit.

Just like places, there are people who inspire freedom. They are either indifferent to or have grown beyond manipulation, with its petty win/lose games, that earlier years may have deemed necessary.

These are the people who curiously invite a tweaking of their own perspectives. They courageously include others without concern of losing the core of who they are, because they have concentrated on a loving relationship with their inmost parts of light and shadow over jockeying for outward positions.

These places and people intuit that to resurrect means to go through a metamorphosis. They may not enjoy it, but they allow things to die. Though they struggle, they cooperate in going through death themselves.

It may be a grievous exercise, yet they are able to halt before continuing on a particular path with a crowd, because they know that if they do not stop and alter their direction, the place, the people or the future will stagnate them.

Freeing landscapes are usually vast and ask that I calm my busy mind so that I can nurture my Truest Self, which is Love. Freeing people have been to these vast places internally. There is always an element of unknown and often darkness, but as I drop the crowded panoramas, I invariably stand, stunned in wonder. Though my feet are on this earth, I experience heaven.

Sacred Ruminations*