Getting Hooked

Lightning flashed and thunder cracked. Shortly after, sirens blared, calling us inside, away from the debris sailing over our once safe playground. Now we would face danger of another kind, getting hooked into each other’s dramas.

When we missed recess outside, we were stuck playing in our classroom. All of us were the restless others. Some stuck out their tongues and kicked each other in the shins. Others found corners of refuge.

Girls behind blue gingham curtains gave lifeless puppets distinguished roles in grand stories. Perhaps we were all exploring obvious and covert ways of dealing with our emerging lions and tigers and bears.

After we resumed our studies, one boy vomited whole Vienna sausages. In reverent awe, we simultaneously turned and looked, as if we had witnessed a fresh, new wonder of the world. The stress of being cooped-up for too long, without adequate outdoor playtime, was challenging for children barely marking years in double-digits.

Considering childhood patterns gives pause when all manner of wreckage comes flying toward us, or when our own rubble finally erupts from within. Either way, we can think back to more innocent beginnings and ask, what is keeping me from offering Presence to others and myself, today?

Loosening our grip, on things we think we need like, being right, approval, titles, recognition and other ego building milestones, is one way to allow Presence to flow through us. Though markers can be healthy and completely neutral, holding too tightly almost always tempts us to revert back to our childish behavior.

How people act and what they say surely affects us. We can weather even the worst of storms; however, by relaxing any obsessive attachments to things that keep our own internal storms brewing.

When tumultuous circumstances upset our plans, we can spiral deep within, where we find the truest Self, created in Love’s image. There, Sacred within accompanies us through feelings of loss, as we avoid getting hooked into unnecessary dramas.

Sacred Ruminations*

Can you describe various personal selves that make appearances in different situations? Do you see any patterns?

What practices ground you? Prayer? Meditation? Or maybe simple childhood pleasures of ordinary outdoor activities, like playing kickball or looking for four-leaf clovers?

Presence regularly renews me through desert land. Stretches of chamisa-spotted sand, meandering rivers, strong mountains and endless skies often call my name. When fiery storms have finished their energizing, and internal monsoon time is over, what will lead you to the next season? What allows you to be done unto?