God’s Spirit Brooding

The desert has been wooing me for a long time
Its vastness ushers me into the presence a limitless God
I stand suspended, apart from any need to perform or prove
Here I am in the presence of Holy One
It is enough

Still nights calm me in the hours that beg waiting
beyond the inclination to fix or solve
Once restless to move, I now lie in peace
God’s Spirit brooding over me

And when the sky gifts me with a smattering of stars,
I see worship and want to live in the melodious pause
I lack nothing in the silence
for praise shines brightest in the darkest night

God raises the sun, revealing more of creation
Magnificent rugged rocks appear fingerprinted by Creator
Strength rises in me as I sense my like composition
I am grounded in reverence and know that I have nothing to fear

I glance up to see birds soaring with no limits
They cry out in uninhibited expressions
While still grounded, I imagine flying in unadulterated freedom
and wonder what it would be like to rise above where my feet stand

Limits seem few as my brokenness is restored
Agitations are calmed as my fear morphs to faith
Creation heals me
I am filled with peace

Sacred Ruminations*