Lion and Peacock

Spirit came as a lion, and then a peacock. They reminded me why I champion authenticity. Lion led me through purification. Peacock guided me in creating a mosaic that told my story.

Lion appeared with a blazing mane and ferocious roar. It was not the first time that excitement and fear felt similar. Nonetheless, my panic in transforming was trite compared to the terror I had in realizing Lion’s contagious empowering energy in me.

Lion takes us through the fire, burning away what is not true to who we are. Terrific energy builds as we move though missteps and illusions and on to life-changing attributes.

I remember learning about Jesus as a child. It fascinated me that he was both human and divine. He embodied what it meant to live in the here and now in a way that would affect the world positively, for years to come.

It was less interesting to me when people shifted to solely focusing on his divinity. Didn’t we already have a God to worship?

I missed the earthly Jesus who showed me the way through my challenges. He gave me hope that I too, could participate in creating something that reached beyond my own small life. 

In short, Jesus gave my why, the how.

True Self is the image of Love. It is at the core of our authenticity that allows us to be little saviors in daily situations that end up altering our world. Still, when we vehemently defend God, or Love, we tend to become our most hateful selves. Love needs no defense. It simply is.

Peacock has been identified with pride as long as we have masked ourselves with personas. If we move through our ego selves; however, we discover Peacock fanning his colorful feathers to visually display all of our life experiences as one rich, redemptive story.

Spirit came as Lion and Peacock to remind me why I champion authenticity. Being whole is how we make Spirit flesh.

Sacred Ruminations*

Can you allow today’s events to lead you back to Love?