Little Lovers

In the Christian tradition, Infinite Love came to show us the way. Like any reputable guide, Jesus did not want his followers to forever live in His shadow, as much as to become. In becoming little lovers, we save our little parts of the world.

During famine Pelican pecked at her own breast to feed her young with blood. Eventually, she died. Early on, we act valiantly, on behalf of others. Later we realize that Life requires more, the spilt blood of our illusionary selves.

We separate knowing Self and knowing God, only to discover that each leads us back to the other. Becoming, takes us beyond our fantasies, born of false selves, to get us to our truest nature, Love.

Every time we choose to die to ugly impulses, we are becoming. Not only forgiving, but also blessing those who do not choose to die to their disagreeable impulses, on our behalf, may be the single most difficult and most effective means to True Self.

The work of forgiving builds integrity and we develop ourselves into trustworthy people. If we allow Love’s process, in the face of betrayals, we share in Christ’s suffering. Wholeness oddly comes from brokenness; the hard and practical acts of refusing our smaller selves, for the sake of the greater Consciousness of Christ.

Problems arise when we confuse:

1) Forgiveness with trust

2) Denying True Self with dying to selfish self.

Forgiveness is trust of Infinite Love rather than trust of every person, or encounter.

Selfish self needs to fit in and impress people, giving us a false sense of place. True self has a deeper sense of presence. Being genuine to Self may mean losing a job, relationship or life, as we know it. Though it provides freedom, authenticity often triggers adverse behavior in those who are not yet willing to pay the price.

Until we forgive and bless hurtful (hurt-filled) ones, we continue to hinder union with Infinite Love. Becoming one with and innocently suffering, like Jesus, are linked. Though we are neither wholly innocent, nor have we died physical deaths, we can become little lovers, holding our little parts of the world, within Infinite Love’s bigger embrace.

Legend of the Pelican

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Sacred Ruminations*

Name a personal illusion that needs to die. In what ways might you trust Infinite Love as you shift your perspective?

How do you wish goodness for those who have betrayed you?

Contrast the differences between dying to your smaller, selfish self and being untrue to Self.