Long, Lost Parts

What a magnificent picture: Soul Retrievers gathering our long, lost parts and bringing them home.

We trusted bricks and mortar. When they crumbled, we were disappointed. It was part of our development, until it was no longer. Thieves broke in and stole the light. That is when Essence fragmented.

Soul parts that splintered off at four, thirteen or forty-seven, finally returning home. They burst through with the laughter and joy, once snuffed out. And a few soul parts come staggering behind, requiring us to face difficult memories. They too, are blessings of wholeness.

We left childhood mistaking what we could not actually see, for fantasy. Now, we trip over White Buffalo’s dry, brittle bones, reminiscent of the savage ways we reduced invitations from Mystery to hoarding and knowing, stashing away to feel secure and making God as certain as concrete.

Did we confuse the Holy Unknown with make-believe? Did we fear that believing in our visions would make us the “delusional ones”?

Under a canopy of blue, splattered with stars, some continue on in nature’s sanctuary. Without verbal explanations to argue, Spirit makes frequent appearances to remind us who we are.

God is Love and Love comes in many forms of aliveness. To reduce Love to one religious language lessens Love’s grandness. Our God was far too small.

Out from the shadows, healers come to our aid. We may have vague recollections of them from our dreams or as the imaginary friends we left behind, when the temptation to grow up skewed our understanding of Sacredness flowing everywhere, through everything, with one static image of God.

To Desert Sage, we inquire, “Will you not share your medicine? In trying to be superb we forgot how to be human.” She welcomes us, like Moses’ bush, with a fiery response. Learn from the burning of my leafy stems and then, cleanse the air with fire from your own transformation.

There, in the smelly smoke, we see our long, lost parts coming home. Welcome wholeness, but not too fast. Belonging does not allow for too much change. Is this a good time to grow into the fullness of your truest Self?

Sacred Ruminations*

Think about a marriage never evolving past the beginning illusions. In laying that thought over spiritual union, could the fear of falling off the edge or going too far simply be refusal to see more than what is familiar?

Compare and contrast knowing and trusting. Is there any area of life that is asking you to move from one to the other?

How does the security of owning or having power hinder being fully alive?

In what ways are you grateful to belong? How does belonging keep you from living authentically?