Was it a self imposed act, the lashing out of a jilted suitor or a crow gone mad? Regardless, eyes rolled and an invitation to empty came calling for Lucy. Such stories, whether fiction or non, can inspire us through a poignant All Hallows Eve, to a merrier Christmastide.

Sacred Darkness visited Lucy with an unexpected calling. How could she have known that one day, artists would replace the cheery evergreen garland and tray of pastries with a plate of eyeballs?

The same Darkness that invited Lucy may also ask us to exchange our straight forward vocations for more haunting ones. We can live into our truer selves, or hope that Spirit will leave us to brood elsewhere.

Like Lucy, in her earlier role of feeding hungry people, we prefer managing our vocations. Sometimes; however, a greater purpose chooses us. After first losing her eyes and then her life, Lucy joined a cloud of witnesses. Now, her spirit lives on, inspiring all who are optically impaired.

What drives people to their devoutness? Self-abasement may be a sign of desperation. Conversely, allowing anyone to keep us small, is a violent act against our spirits. How can we dare to judge another person’s journey?

If we allow Love to guide us home; and if we cannot be satisfied by anything but accepting radical transformation, we can surely look for unexpected callings.

In our early years we may strive for approval from the Holy and like-minded people. As we deepen, we are more likely to respond with confidence, in love. Is such devotion reserved for saints alone?

Lucy began by initiating generosity from her wealth. Later, she answered a call that could only be met in her poverty. We too, may establish ourselves with good works and then move forward to accept Faith’s weightier call.

Though we may have working eyes, none of us is without blindspots. At a point, Lucy no longer needed to wear a wreath of candles on her head to see the path. Instead, a guiding light burned within. 

Sacred Ruminations*

Lucy’s journey took her from initiating big-heartedness to responding to Infinite Love. 

How would you describe your spiritual evolution?