My Discernment Stick

As I abide with Infinite Love and my discernment stick, the Knowing eye sees beyond what is obvious. In those awe-struck moments, I’ve learned to immediately lay myself out before the discerning eye for an in-depth exploration of any entrapping motives.

Through the years, people have told me how discerning I am. Others have called me judgmental. I have probably reflected on the words, discerning and judgmental, more than all of the other words that describe me, in hopes of getting a handle on any lurking blindspots.

In my observation, discernment emerges when I turn from the known in front of me and simply abide with Infinite Love. In this context, I would define discernment as an illumination beyond the physical seeing or hearing of a thing, a deeper Knowing.

Often, the truer insights come as gifts when I am in the dark or just coming out of a dreamed-filled sleep. I am not talking about the clarity I find by examining a thing, but by being present and allowing Spirit uninterrupted brooding time.

I will never know most of what lies up under any particular situation, no matter how much I think I know. Regardless, I can create an environment for the discerning eye to see, by abiding with all that is and opening to the holiness therein.

When Discernment chooses to appear, she usually brings with the gift, a reverent grief. If I am not open to grieving, I cannot receive her gift, for often, there is equal joy and pain in Knowing. This mystery is full of wonder, but Knowing requires trusting in the practice of unlearning.

In contrast to discernment, judgmental-ism is loaded with emotion, whether quiet or otherwise. As insightful as it may be, judgmental-ism needs to prove rightness! It usually feels like an impenetrable opinion.

Through years of self-examination, study and listening to others, I have become acutely aware of how ego tempts judgment with a hierarchy that can only be attained by putting someone or something down. The ego may be just that direct or it may flatter judgment into a patronizing dance that veils a truth for one’s self with the distraction of convincing others.

The struggle of distinguishing between being discerning or judgmental is not only demanding, but enlightening. In peeling through the nuances, I find that discernment primarily lines my spiritual path with confidence and peace as I reduce the dilemma of am I discerning or judgmental, to one question; am I responding out of love? If I answer in all humility, it is just that simple and at times, just that hard.

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