Paper-Thin Places

Quiet is rare. When we have a modicum of quiet, our minds get busy and the voices, we would rather not hear, begin to speak. Our desire for diversion has led to excess loud, a shadow of Western world’s collective making. Still, Quiet continues to call our paper-thin places within.

I remember waking up in a hotel, a few years ago. It was early, and not wanting to disturb my husband, I slipped out into the lobby to read. Music was playing not only in the lobby, but also in a meeting room, a rec room and even on the outside porches.

I asked the desk attendant if he could turn the music off in an area. He could not. After spending precious time searching for a quiet corner, I lost interest in reading my book. I was on mission, to find quiet.

How far would I have to go? We were not in a big city and in the early morning hours, the air was pitch black. I wondered if I might meet a coyote or bear if I dared walk too far.

Ah, the metaphor. To find quiet, I had to step into the dark of my fears. Would it be worth the risk?

Leaving noise behind gives us the opportunity to listen to our deeper selves. Loud can offer a distraction until something causes us to come face to face with the paper-thin places inside.

By knowing and staying true to self, I am better able to give to others. It requires; however, that I go into Quiet and make peace with the whole of me.

In silence I come to deeper truths. An inkling that once whispered, begins growing into a surer discernment that I can trust as Quiet tends to my paper-thin places.

Sacred Ruminations*