In the fire, Power’s image ignited before me. Would the blazing flames consume or illuminate?

The visual, along with my question reminded me of the many ways we make ourselves small. More notably, it sparked a recollection of Essence that emerges from a purifying fire.

The domesticated horse offered power to physical tasks. Similarly, our wholeness, personally and collectively, gives us spiritual strength to operate freely.

Like a rider trusts his devoted horse, we can trust Spirit to take us into realms, beyond the ordinary dimensions of space and time. Consider stories in Sacred texts.

A common theme in spiritual direction is prayer. As wordless resting in Presence begins taking precedence over requests and outcomes, our relationship to the Holy, deepens.

Communication slips into a quieter communion and our busy minds begin relying on discernment and intuition. For some, prayer may become wildly experiential.

In various cultures, and for thousands of years, shamans (and now also, trained practitioners) journey on behalf of dis-eased people. One purpose that shamans serve is recovering lost soul parts. Though shamans have a gift, anyone can journey in prayer, to find guidance as to how to proceed in reclaiming personal power.

Do we dare become whole?

Would we rather entertain any negativity or convert it into life-giving energy? What if the only hindrance is our refusal to invite the hard, ongoing process of personal transformation and then, trusting where it leads us? Nature shows us how. Jesus showed us how.

Worshipping rather than following is a screen that blocks us from Love’s refining fire. Though we are not Presence, we are, indeed presence. We need not be afraid. Oh, the power that is ours, to re-create and live whole-heartedly.

Throughout my sixty-four years, I have observed countless spiritual journeys. One shared thread across various religious/spiritual communities is more talk about conversion and enlightenment than the actual transformation process.

It is being (and becoming) that gives our talking and doing oomph. We can blame people and circumstances. We can beg God to rescue us. Or, we can be power and light.

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Sacred Ruminations*

Imagine this: Power stands before you, like a horse on fire, waiting for you to mount and journey into the Unknown. Though life may have extinguished your passionate flames, one smoldering ember is enough to begin. Simply state your intention and a willingness to let Power take you on a prayer journey.

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