Come out, Raccoon. Were you the one who stole our creative flow? Or, perhaps in our quick judgment, we failed to see your generosity in mirroring the many masks we’ve put on to hide from the Sacred within.

Still, we’re curious about your disguise. Are you playing a part?

We too, have accepted roles. At what point did loyalty to persona, upstage our authenticity? Now, we find ourselves unsure about who we are or what gifts we have to give?

It is tempting to blame you. Yet we are the robbers, and for what? Being who we think other people want us to be?

Lining up our words and actions; however, takes time, discipline and humility. In light of all of our missteps, it seems impossible, until we experience wholeness and then get occasional glimpses of oneness with all of creation. 

In our dash for recognition, who has time to be present for that kind of connection? Still, filling our emptiness with outer pleasures is only part of the solution. True joy come from the inside and cannot be contained. Invariably it overflows, spilling out on everyone close by.

Each time our gifts meet another person’s needs, we become a mask for Love.

Raccoon, is that why you wear a mask? Did you show your face to remind us that how we treat any living being is how we portray God?

Though we cannot look directly at God’s face, we can see all of the varied expressions of Love.

What attributes do we want to leave to future generations? Do we dare chance saving both ourselves and our children, by taking those values back? I wonder what would happen if we treated the people around us today, like the heroes and saints of tomorrow?

In my dream, Raccoon, I imagine a crowd of people, proudly donning masks of Love. In time, you guide us down to the river where we wash our hands of any fear that stagnates our creative flow. Then, with your dexterity, you open doors, one by one, to the Sacred within.

Sacred Ruminations*

Let’s do some thieving! What attributes do you want to steal back? How about personal power, integrity, courage, beauty or truth?