Soul Parts

Once saved, always saved, was a common theme of my childhood faith tradition. There is another kind of lost-ness, here and now. Every time we face maltreatment or deny our True Selves, soul parts leave us. Are we saved, if not whole?

People who stir the pot can keep us from getting stuck. Troublemakers, lacking adequate empathy; however, fuel the flame by pursuing particular people, for sport. Sadly, in time, parts of our souls are lost.

Some toxic people are brilliant exploiters. They are not only gifted strategists, but have an added aptitude for knowing what people want and also, who will enable their efforts.

Whether you are a bull’s eye because of race, nationality, religious affiliation, gender or sexual orientation or, because you’ve been successful and have more to lose, you provide a quick fix for people who either need to feel important or create havoc for their own personal entertainment.

Skunk, as an archetype, offers a remedy. In applying Skunk’s antidote, we exert self-respect in minding our own business, until threatened. For us, this animal’s medicine lies with an ability to attract life-lovers and repel predators.

We can speak up, so that other people will hear, but the conundrum is that any attention energizes the excitement of a raider’s game. Skunk’s playfulness is contagious. Though seemingly a sure target, most ground animals steer clear of this little beauty.

To leave a lovely fragrance behind, we have to learn how to use our odors saying, “My wholeness is off-limits to your drama”. If we do not want to lose the exquisiteness of life, we must know our strengths.

*People with strong boundaries are more compassionate. The world can create its own hell. With destruction of dreams we once held dear, soul parts are lost, but not indefinitely, if we continue to desire well-being and are open to adventure.

Throughout my adult life, I have listened to stories concerning, witnessed and also experienced emotional mistreatment. We live in a world that is becoming more accepting of abusive behavior. There is freedom in turning away from, to find our lost soul parts. I welcomed mine home. You can, too.

*Brené Brown’s research

Sacred Ruminations*

Are you exhausted from toxicity at work, in politics or at church? Perhaps you gave away your power and feel duped by an outer authority. You are not alone.

If parts of your soul seem to have gone missing, it may have been Infinite Love’s way of protecting you. Invite them home and enjoy the sweet reunion.