Staying Power

Her face captivated me. At first glance I might have used words like meek or endearing. In regard to this lifetime, she was advancing in years. What was the secret to her staying power?

This fountain represented a person who had endured events in her own life and also carried remnants of the abuse inflicted on generations past. She reminded me that, on some level, we all have.

Love could have made the connection with me, through anyone. This time; however, the bonding moment came from a concrete fountain. I sat in the spray of her overflow. Before long, she welcomed me into her life.

I climbed up to the pot on top of her head, and dove in. There, another world opened before me. I could hear distant voices calling out to me, “How do you know that this is verifiable rather than your imagination?”

Did it matter? Prayer had offered me a sustaining visual. In dropping the burdens I had brought with me, I was able to journey through a small opening, to a place that held the secret to her staying power, Love.

In Her Arms

I would describe past prayers as disciplined begging of an Other. Through much wooing in Faith’s dwelling place, Sacred within held me close, allowing my eyes to adjust. In her arms I understood that it was not as much about light out there, as light from within.

I began to let go of some of my need to see and know and live in the gratefulness that I had indeed been seen and deeply known. I no longer had the same need to belong. Typical ways of fitting in only seemed to distance me from genuine connections and periodic moments of climatic joy.

In my struggle to let go of all that I had dragged along behind me, I remembered the Lover of my soul and found courage to enter the mystery, down to the source of staying power.

Sacred Ruminations*

How has Love met you, recently?

What keeps you from diving into the mystery?

Can you imagine connecting with others differently than you do now?

Fountain’s artist: Kit Schweitzer