Upside Down

What if we walked through the pages of sacred text, allowing the stories to mirror our journeys? I imagine that considering our lives, in the words, would turn our world upside down.

We would surely travel through our childish dysfunctions and opportunities for ongoing conversion. At a point, we might enjoy intimacy and then work through a deeper transformation. Finally, we would courageously step into the Unknown.

We would experience Mystery, as John did in the Revelation? Or, we could remain, solely, in speculation of the meanings of his visions.

We can read a marriage book or fully participate in life’s triumphs and disappointments. Words may inspire us, but they cannot give us the actual experience of Love’s consummation.

If we viewed our lives in the sacred text, we would drop the need to explain every single thing and allow Humility to haunt us. We would marvel over the possibility of oneness with the Holy. Loving as Jesus loved would become our ultimate form of worship.

Our lives would take on reverence for the people around us. We would walk together as the Collective Christ, being what the world needs, regardless of our various names for God. Our once harsh voices would soften. And then, people might actually listen.

Being in union with the Holy would leave us in utter awe. We live closer to this exhilaration, when we desire oneness with rather than getting hooked, by a need to defend.

We can strive to live up to the same religious measurements at age 50 plus that we did as children. Or, we can choose to be in a unifying relationship with Infinite Love.

Life moves so quickly, who has time to climb the mount of transfiguration? Yet still, a few scale its walls.

The temptation of earlier years is to build shrines to mark the occasion. Life; however, turns everything upside down. And as we stand there, sanctuary-less, we gasp, realizing that fully enjoying life and holy moments are quite similar.

Sacred Ruminations*

What will you choose when you find yourself asking: Shall I tighten my belief system and strive harder, give up or spread my faith wings making every decision, even the frightening ones, from a place of Love?