Why? It is the most frequent question I ask myself. Why uncovers intentions. Though our specific answers may differ, replying to why points us to the fundamental reasons of our choices.

Examining our motives calls for being as gentle as we are ferocious. Bringing conflicting purposes together can create an energetic whole. Operating from purer intentions guides our efforts toward authentic living.

Influencers initiate change, which is reason enough to regularly check in with motive mining questions. Transformational leadership (organizationally, relationally or etc.) is a sure target for other peoples’ unresolved issues.

Mountain lions are primarily nocturnal and solitary. Likewise, influencers look through the dark. They soon discover that leading is as lonely as it is rewarding.

Knowing our intentions goes a long way toward deflecting blame. Whether deliberate, or not, confronting status quo alters comfortable conditions and threatens a sense of control.

We can turn loneliness into productive time, when we consider our intentions. As we give True Self a more prominent voice, we draw people of like intentions.

The underlying purpose of my Spiritual Direction practice is to companion people who are challenging tired, current conditions with authenticity. It is not about leading a directee to a particular viewpoint, but rather asking questions that encourage genuineness.

In separate sessions in a single day, I have sat with people on opposing sides, of a political issue. For me, issues are not the point in spiritual direction sessions, but rather the directee’s authenticity and what might be up under passionate persuasions or triggering responses.

I ask questions and then become a witness to the lives of those who dare to penetrate through their own distractions to wholeness. Together, we consider testing status quo, personally and in our world.

Locking down too many questions with absolute certainty discourages relationships with both our curious selves, and with people who differ from us. Staying focused on our own intentions keeps the inner conversation going and opens us to diversity.

The danger in never personally answering the question why creates excessive dependence on outer authorities. How sustainable is anything that does not come from within?

Spiritual Direction Inquiries

Sacred Ruminations*

What do you think is at the root of your desire/need to ___?

Without using the word why, craft a few non-confrontational, but motive mining questions.