Come Home

The pool was as deep and wide as Love stood. Through the gurgling, I could hear True Self calling out to the prodigal parts, come home. Person after person sat before me naming their traits as good or bad, and I had the pleasure of proposing one baptismal ceremony after another.

Assessments are useful in giving a starting language by identifying characteristics, preferences and natural defaults. These tools can be invaluable when coupled with holding ourselves as organic soul. For example, one can lower a controlling tyrant trait down deep into Compassion’s waters, immerse its underlying energy in Love and find the once oppressive quality rising to a new life of sound leadership.

We betray ourselves in duality. Two can find opposition and blame, whereas one whole must take responsibility. Is that what causes us to keep God, each other and even parts of ourselves separate from?

Healthy marriage partners are two and yet one. They gravitate from otherness toward oneness. And rather than feverously consulting a manual or living in trepidation of the other’s judgment, they move into a hope-filled, spacious belief in one another. Interdependent marriage partners trust the dance that includes holding on tightly and also releasing each other to individuality.

Consider Jesus’ words about leaving this earth and sending His spirit of love as an advocate, companion, counselor and teacher. He seemed to be inviting his disciples, and us, from an outward following to an inner trusting of oneness. And so, we have the ongoing choices of trusting His spirit of love within, keeping God separate from or a combination of both.

More times than not, growth in my relationships required moving from expectation of to a synchronous flow with. Now, instead of primarily listening to voices of control or worry, I am more interested in my inner reactions to what is and my connections with the people, circumstances and things around me.

Wholeness begins with an inclusive yes to all of one’s parts. This unity offers contemplative wonder, which opens us to glimpses of home where Universe’s big-ness and everywhere-ness continuously invites all to Love’s flow. In the baptismal waters, where the distinctions of unconscious parts and True Self blur together in grace, there is an unending whisper to all, come home.

Sacred Ruminations*