Impossible! What can we do when we find ourselves in relationships that are intolerable? I needed an epiphany! When I finally admitted my passionate dislike, an epiphany shone through the darkness. I felt a heaviness in the relational cloud dissipate. … Read More


Shape-shifting Raven lifted me up and showed me how to clear a way through. If I would draw from lessons learned and borrow inspiration from dreams to come, the path would open. Apparently I was in the right place at the … Read More

Safe Spaces

When I think of safe spaces, I begin by thinking back to adolescence, the year that our guest preacher was asked to leave camp. Early in the week he told our youth group that we were quenching the Holy Spirit. … Read More

Deep in Coyote’s Haunches

The big bad wolf stood on the other side of the door and I became a child again. I could feel Little Red Riding Hood’s cape around my shoulders. That’s when I heard the raspy whisper, “What would happen if … Read More


Gander sat high on a rock belting out his counsel. Periodically, I wondered about his relentless message. Finally I gave up, thinking that one day the experience would hold more relevance. A small group resurrected the memory. We had gathered … Read More


My recollection is as clear as if Doe were standing here today. Deer happened upon me and gazed on my face for several seconds before moving on. Her gentleness continues to be a stunning memory. In the stillness of what we … Read More

The Veil

When the world is wound in a drama that does want to quit, I am more open to some of the harder lessons of creation. Hawk, Raven and Owl compose my feathered trinity. These three fly through the veil, giving … Read More

Womb-Like Cave

A nip in the air hints of winter’s call to hunker down and come back to True Self. We bundle up joys, disappointments, questions and certainties and take them into the womb-like cave where Bear invites us to still ourselves … Read More


She invited me to go with her. And when we had plummeted the depths, Whale and I surfaced to breathe. We were in the real world, yet hardly in the day-to-day. Discernment often disrupts the flow of daily activity, bringing … Read More


We had hiked the dusty path several times, but on this particular day there were puddles from recent rains, puddles filled with tadpoles. Sporadically, we had spotted a frog or two near our pond, but of all things, tadpoles out … Read More


I enjoyed her mournful coos, until Dove’s songs climaxed to a daily incessant fuss. How did this gentle creature become so annoying? After mounting frustration of day after day and all day long noise, I considered possible messages that Creation’s Bible … Read More

Silhouette of Wolf

Several times on my journey, I have looked out in the expanse of Creation’s Bible to see a silhouette of Wolf. Twice, while passionately engrossed in teaching, where I had burrowed in, Solitude’s call began simmering. Just when I thought … Read More