Sacred Subtleties

Like snakes detecting vibrations on the earth’s surface, we can refine our discernment by being attentive to sacred subtleties. Considering new ways of knowing can open us to union’s path. While Rabbit reminds us to run from predators, Snake teaches that … Read More

Ask the Animals

“Ask the animals.” When Job was unable to hear anything that rang true to what he already knew deep within, he replied to his friends, “Ask the animals”. Similarly, when words fall flat before us, we might consider the ways … Read More

Graceful Living

Clouds floated by like swans on a calm pond. One was bottom-side up and another, upright. Swan-clouds voiced their secret to graceful living, balancing earth and sky, while accepting what the moment brings. There is the ethereal and then the … Read More

Time Between

For years this painting hung in my studio. It represented time between, Jesus feeding the five thousand and his walking on water, when he went to the hillside alone. In scriptural accounts, the disciples got into the boat. Jesus did … Read More

Shadow Whisperer

I was back in 1959 wound as tight as the top I sent spinning on Christmas morning. In a flash, I was a child again, throwing an inner tantrum. Of course it was private; admitting it out loud might release … Read More

Breath of God

It felt like the breath of God. A pair of ravens flew toward the arroyo. One dipped down and flew back up with a glimpse of the future. The other lifted a corner of the past. Then, as if someone … Read More

The Whole of Me

I pulled the right and left sides of my brain down into my heart and began chanting my praise mantra, asking Spirit to brood over the whole of me as I processed information from the energy around me, information that … Read More

Parting of the Fog

The moment Discernment creates a parting of the fog; I pull out my barometer and begin looking for signposts. Discernment always enlightens, which makes continuing in the same way, impossible. Discernment cuts through the obscure, illuminating us to what is. … Read More

Almond’s Gift

The mandorla provides sanctuary for what feels torn apart. When it is difficult to see the commonality between heaven and earth, the overlap provides hope for mending. I call it Almond’s gift. Holding the larger mandorla in our consciousness is … Read More

Paper-Thin Places

Quiet is rare. When we have a modicum of quiet, our minds get busy and the voices, we would rather not hear, begin to speak. Our desire for diversion has led to excess loud, a shadow of Western world’s collective … Read More

Spirit’s Loving Flow

Thus far, messengers of Quiet have summoned me to come down beneath the surface for extended solitude, three times. Though the requests have come by way of different runners, Quiet’s invitation has been the same, calling me away from competing … Read More

Around and Down

At first it did not look like anything out of the ordinary, a long horizontal line with significant historical events marked at intervals. And then the timeline came to life, spiraling around and down, so that comparable events and challenges … Read More