Turkey Squirrel

Dreams allow two spirit animals come to us as one, like Turkey Squirrel. This imaginary creature prompts us to gather and give.  Some individuals collect and disperse things of substance. Others gather experiences to impart wisdom. Throughout summer, squirrels dart … Read More

Pink Fairy Armadillo

The rarely seen Pink Fairy Armadillo shares a gift with us, how to keep our balance when outside forces are strong. While more common armadillos model setting boundaries, this little sand-swimmer shows us how to regulate our emotional temperature. A … Read More

Creation Stories

How many of our ongoing narratives reflect the way we continue to interpret the creation stories, we learned as children? For a brief moment everything was good, in fact, very good. By chapter three, very good had shifted to shame, … Read More

Farm Animals

I remember pulling Animal Farm, from the bookshelf. I was a child, still singing Old MacDonald’s ee i ee i oh, too young to interpret allegory or comprehend satire. No doubt, I chose that book, thinking it was a story … Read More

Buffalo Clouds

Like the rumbling of bisons’ hooves, thunder excites us. Maybe today rain will satisfy our parched land. And whether or not buffalo clouds pour relief on our desert floor, they give us hope. Indigenous Americans showed respect for the gift … Read More

Playful Prayer

It was early morning, long before sunrise. Dark rainclouds capped the horizon. Up higher, spotty clouds kept me from seeing a night sky full of stars. I felt drawn to playful prayer. I prayed, imagining the clouds as people’s fear, … Read More

Night Eagle

Night Eagle (Owl) wakes us up with a question, Who? Who are you? Some Native Americans consider Owl a harbinger of death. Many cultures see Owl as a symbol for wisdom. On occasion, Night Eagle has come to me as … Read More


How does Bluebird bring so much happy in the midst of trial? Even when life seems hopeless, he sings. Mountain Bluebird was one of several forms that Spirit took that day. We had miles to drive before reaching the trailhead … Read More

At the Pleasure

Far down the trail a flower stands. I wonder if anyone else will see the bloom. Does the flower care or simply serve at the pleasure of this grand universe? Every day I see plants and animals being who they … Read More


Sky and earth circled around me, until they pared me to my essence. First, I stood beneath stars and then sand until canopy and floor whirled themselves into one. Without any adornment, I dove into a sea of sky and … Read More


Our fiery trials create ash of us. Only then, can we rise with Phoenix. Often our development involves other people. They are part of our transformation, just as we are a part of theirs. For everything there is a season. … Read More


When we’ve domesticated Soul, and come to a season of quiet, we hear Essence calling. In the past we turned to outer authorities, and whipped our lives into shape. Now, we trust Chrysalis for a personal metamorphosis. We wonder. What … Read More