Walk into the Beauty

On one day we see a tortoise and stop to examine its detail. On another, we walk into the beauty across Turtle’s shell, letting the experience open us to new dimensions. Peculiar things occur in dreams. Even more curious is how … Read More

Clear and Clean

With two recent snows, it was hard to realize how quickly summer was approaching. My loving other and I were readying for a new season. Our intention was to clear and clean things inside our house and out, in surrounding … Read More

Drumming Beat

I put one hand on my heart, the other, on top of the mesa. Lying on Mother Earth, I wondered if I could sync my heartbeat with hers. Ultimately, I wanted to sense a drumming beat of the collective whole. … Read More

A Loving Presence

If waves of day-to-day reality are not crashing in on us, the tide is surely lapping over our feet. Weaving our unexplainable real storylines together with our day-to-day actualities can encourage a loving presence in the world. *Dreamtime’s ocean followed me back … Read More

Playful Offer

Water lapped over my feet as I walked the ocean’s shore. Were waves simply complying with the natural order or had my rational mind rejected a playful offer from Spirit, to follow them into deeper waters and the unexplainable real? … Read More


I breathed a prayer over our land, “How can I best be here, in the desert, with people more native than I?” My prayer took me into Dreamtime. It was as if generations were waiting for me to ask. A … Read More

Memory Keeper

Standing between seasons of my faith, I was flanked by surety and the unknown, when Memory Keeper appeared. Clearly he had witnessed more than most. His eyes were gentle, his demeanor, strong and protective. He wore eagle feathers in his … Read More

The Word

I cannot remember a time when I did not love Jesus. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church that taught me to filter my beliefs and decisions through Christian scripture and the life of Jesus, also the Word. The … Read More

The Space Within

On Thanksgiving Day, we looked out at creation’s vastness from the mesa at Puyé Dwellings. Before long, our Native American guide ushered us into the underground kiva, the space within. It felt as if we had entered Earth’s womb. A … Read More

Three of Me

At the time, I did not put much energy into interpreting the image; it was far too fun, watching the piece emerge. Later, the image articulated the joys and struggles of bringing the three of me together in authenticity. My … Read More


Impossible! What can we do when we find ourselves in relationships that are intolerable? I needed an epiphany! When I finally admitted my passionate dislike, an epiphany shone through the darkness. I felt a heaviness in the relational cloud dissipate. … Read More


Shape-shifting Raven lifted me up and showed me how to clear a way through. If I would draw from lessons learned and borrow inspiration from dreams to come, the path would open. Apparently I was in the right place at the … Read More