I once quietly boasted about the ways I denied my ego, until I realized that those acts of martyrdom were born of pride. Sometimes seeing opens us to mourning. To get through to the other side, I had to better … Read More

Little Lovers

In the Christian tradition, Infinite Love came to show us the way. Like any reputable guide, Jesus did not want his followers to forever live in His shadow, as much as to become. In becoming little lovers, we save our … Read More

Staying Power

Her face captivated me. At first glance I might have used words like meek or endearing. In regard to this lifetime, she was advancing in years. What was the secret to her staying power? This fountain represented a person who … Read More

To Be Whole

I had an insatiable desire for the Holy. I remember, as a teenager, reading Christian scripture and declaring with James and John; Yes, Jesus, I am ready to drink from your cup. Later, I was not nearly as eager to be … Read More


Because pioneering draws me, I have experience in leaving. Over the years, I have found remembering this one thing helpful. When I make a change, all people connected to my change also have to make changes, changes they did not … Read More

Getting Hooked

Lightning flashed and thunder cracked. Shortly after, sirens blared, calling us inside, away from the debris sailing over our once safe playground. Now we would face danger of another kind, getting hooked into each other’s dramas. When we missed recess … Read More

Colorful Possibillities

On some level, we need answers. They are the guardrails for our next steps. But as we demand conclusiveness, we avoid faith, which eventually opens us to colorful possibilities. Rather than looking at assessment results as defining a persona, and … Read More


Authenticity is the thread that weaves through the entirety of my life’s work. Being authentic can mean doing the hard, persevering work. It may require confrontation or making significant changes, like leaving destructive situations. Bullying blocks our freedom to be appropriately … Read More

Live Beyond

In a ten-year period, I sat with over a thousand men and women, in one-on-one coaching sessions. During that time, I found assessment tools disarming, in generously giving the other a starting language to live beyond. Obviously, I saw several patterns … Read More


I had completely caved to clichés. Was it a last-ditch effort, or did I, too, have an axe to grind? We mirrored each other, in ways we could have reduced to one yawning nutshell; life isn’t fair! Did we stop there? No, instead, we … Read More

Heyoka’s Stripes

Veiled in Heyoka’s stripes, my friend rubbed her eyes crying, “Waah, waah, waah”. She is one of those rare people who can lovingly mock others, as a successful antidote to self-pity. Together we burst into laughter. Although we were conversing about something outside of either … Read More

Sacred Clowns

In my younger years, I did not fully appreciate the play in sacred clowns; perhaps I had seen too many unhealthy ones covering up their pain with absurdities. Later, I became I friendlier with them. Joining in the frolicking dance that slowly … Read More