Come out, Raccoon. Were you the one who stole our creative flow? Or, perhaps in our quick judgment, we failed to see your generosity in mirroring the many masks we’ve put on to hide from the Sacred within. Still, we’re … Read More


Just when our seriousness escalates to lid popping level, a holy fool comes and relieves the pressure by pulling log after log from our eyes. Every culture has its sacred clowns. In nature, Coyote is Trickster. It was garden-like back … Read More


My prayer boat drifted into Dreamtime. There I was, gliding on the water, in between past and future. It was a peace-filled sanctuary on top of Whale’s back and neath Swan’s wing.  My intention was as safe as lighting a … Read More


The Sacred Dark invited me and I said, yes. Like so many of the imperfect characters in Christian scriptures, I had to enter in and deepen. How many of us refuse the invitation in order to belong? And how many … Read More


Have you ever watched a hawk soaring over her prey? Being an awe-filled bystander is vastly different from feeling like the object of attack.  Hawks are messengers. Like the bird, prophets also have a piercing cry, as they bear news … Read More

Tomb or Womb?

Daunting circumstances, can feel like a tomb. And then Hope breaks through with three little words, *tomb or womb?  If we invite the words to shift our emotions, we begin dreaming again. Imagine the Spirit of Infinite Love holding us … Read More


Multilayered stories go with us, offering insight into our circumstances. In part, Jonah’s story is about the Sacred Dark coming with an unexpected calling. On the surface we may see Jonah’s darkness as the result of his disobedience. As we … Read More


Was it a self imposed act, the lashing out of a jilted suitor or a crow gone mad? Regardless, eyes rolled and an invitation to empty came calling for Lucy. Such stories, whether fiction or non, can inspire us through … Read More


At dawn, Salmon tops the horizon to enlighten us. In our spring years, we expect clarity to provide us with answers. As we develop, our focus moves beyond specifics to broader themes, like love, home and a deeper Knowing. Just … Read More


Roadrunner scurried across our adobe wall to get a closer look at me. As I leaned in toward her, she did not flinch, but rather stood still and stared. When creatures, or people, look at us with deliberateness, they evoke … Read More


A parliament of owls and a fiery Appaloosa: I didn’t know whether to name what was before me and assign it symbolic meaning or hope that all this intelligence in nature would draw out the wise old sage in me. … Read More


Shaman: Chant a song and shake a rattle. Let the drumbeat take you into non-ordinary reality. *While the Western world crafts laws, perceive wholeness into being.  Bear dropped his hide and Raven, her wing. Owl scattered feathers marking a trail … Read More