Discernment often comes unexpectedly. In the moment: Our vision is sharper. Our hearing is keener. Our knowing is unquestionable. This is when discretion is imperative. Highly sensitive people, who have an added gift of discernment, live with caring deeply and coming … Read More


Pretty little Javelina (Ha-ve-LEE-na) waltzed in, painted sky blue. She fooled me. With such a beautiful name, and dressed in the color of trust, I thought she would be gentle. Kin to Razorback, Javelina hurled her spear, penetrating through me, … Read More

Upside Down

What if we walked through the pages of sacred text, allowing the stories to mirror our journeys? I imagine that considering our lives, in the words, would turn our world upside down. We would surely travel through our childish dysfunctions … Read More

Soul Parts

Once saved, always saved, was a common theme of my childhood faith tradition. There is another kind of lost-ness, here and now. Every time we face maltreatment or deny our True Selves, soul parts leave us. Are we saved, if … Read More

Skinny Buffalo

Skinny Buffalo or Bison’s abundance, it was my choice. She was fixated on convincing me to wear the wintery house shoes without socks. What difference did it make? I decided to forego buying the footwear, because wearing socks had become such … Read More

Shift in Awareness

There may come a time when a traumatic event catalyzes your life. Living through the experience, with prayerful intention, not only brings healing, but also a shift in awareness. Only those who have lived through similar experiences can relate. In … Read More


Like verses in sacred texts, the animals of Creation’s Bible, may have several possible meanings, depending on where we are on the journey. At some point, Bear’s hibernation will surely hold our much-needed medicine. When circumstances cause us to miss … Read More

Invitations to Life

Coyote or Wolf? Our deepest knowing either tricks us into or teaches us about furthering our journeys. Though our feelings may protest, all encounters are invitations to Life. Whether positive or negative, every experience offers growth opportunities. Should we hold … Read More

In the Dark

Moving deeper, toward True Self, often requires confronting things we discern in the dark. Authenticity and fear frequently respond to each other. It was a creepy obsession, spiritual stalking, really. When faced with a challenge, he verbally spun a web, … Read More


Appropriate vulnerability vitalized her influence. Because she had a sense of being one with the greater whole, she was unencumbered, and better able to offer Presence. Peace and Mystery were two qualities that accompanied her. Together, she held past, present … Read More

Puffed Up Plumage

Puffed up plumage, thirty pieces of silver or the road of sorrow. Where were all the grownups? I could not breathe. I was facing a betrayal. Taking in the act, against me, and fanning the flames, with each physical breath, was … Read More

Free Birds

I could hear the pounding of her feet on the sand as she ran through the desert. Soon she would take flight, rising with Spirit’s free birds, to brood over people, mired in their hopelessness. Despairing ones had forgotten how … Read More