A parliament of owls and a fiery Appaloosa: I didn’t know whether to name what was before me and assign it symbolic meaning or hope that all this intelligence in nature would draw out the wise old sage in me. … Read More


Shaman: Chant a song and shake a rattle. Let the drumbeat take you into non-ordinary reality. *While the Western world crafts laws, perceive wholeness into being.  Bear dropped his hide and Raven, her wing. Owl scattered feathers marking a trail … Read More


Young mystic, come and sit at the water’s edge. Look down to the bottom of the pond. Do you see all the larvae? These nymphs will soon climb out onto land to be full-fledged dragonflies. You had a vision that … Read More


Coyotes yelp, owls screech and roosters crow. Young prophet, I ask you, “Do peacocks whisper or ravens sigh?”  You were born to predict, confront and warn. Before speaking; however, ask one question, what is my intention? If you choose to … Read More

Free the Goats

By the time I climbed up on the ledge to free the goats, they were gone. At what point had I ignored a stimulating risk that caused me to pervert faith with such theatrics? Those I blamed had persisted only … Read More

Speaking Truth

Speaking truth eventually gets around to pointing out our shortcomings, even when we took a stand and were spot on in our assessment. Could this have been Great Trickster’s plan, all along? “I want to make the world a better … Read More

Hearing Truth

Crow caws, leaving truth like a shiny coin and then waits to see if we will spend, invest or squander the treasure. Soon we learn that hearing truth requires our dedication to grace and humility. As a result, we begin … Read More


Natives danced around a blazing fire. Their lively prayers were free of judgment. One of their own was going through spiritual dismemberment. Crow cawed. Flames leapt. Afterwards another soul would emerge fully alive. Because they lived in Spirit’s power, the … Read More


Realizing the dream of a better world lies in both our self-care and rebirth. Through death’s initiation, Bat inducts those who are willing, into a group known as the wounded healers. Nature deems bats as good. Still, we do not … Read More


In Spirit Clans, David Carson tells a story about Ant. A native woman, who lost everything, met an apparition dressed in red. By trusting the ghost-like spirit, she found the ant clan restoring her life. Spirit invites us to happenings. Some … Read More


She walked out on stage, lip synced, I don’t like Spiders and Snakes, and brought the house down. For weeks, tension had been building at our small college. This group pitting itself against that one, in hopes that their contestant … Read More


I looked at the flower paintings, and gasped. Observing more closely I could not find one butterfly flirting with the blooms, only plodding caterpillars.  The younger caterpillars happily inched forward. The older ones looked weary of slogging along. In a … Read More