Continued from Why? The question why can be as innocent as it is pesky, indicting, really. Asking why once, usually only gets us to a surface reason. *Asking why, five times, letting each answer inform the next why question, offers … Read More


In the fire, Power’s image ignited before me. Would the blazing flames consume or illuminate? The visual, along with my question reminded me of the many ways we make ourselves small. More notably, it sparked a recollection of Essence that … Read More

Long, Lost Parts

What a magnificent picture: Soul Retrievers gathering our long, lost parts and bringing them home. We trusted bricks and mortar. When they crumbled, we were disappointed. It was part of our development, until it was no longer. Thieves broke in … Read More


Why? It is the most frequent question I ask myself. Why uncovers intentions. Though our specific answers may differ, replying to why points us to the fundamental reasons of our choices. Examining our motives calls for being as gentle as … Read More

An Arm and a Leg

I’d give an arm and a leg. In the offbeat film, Don Juan DeMarco, Johnny Depp’s character, Don Juan, asked four questions. “What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth … Read More

Healing Medicine

Tares grow beside wheat, transfiguring us. Cancer invades healthy tissue, breaking down normal cells. Figuratively speaking, communities experience both tares, and cancerous invasions that metastasize from one to many. When that happens, we need healing medicine. Over time, it becomes … Read More

Becoming the Dream

I held a nest of dreams, waiting for Life to crack through. As the eggs incubated, I ruminated. Focused outwardly, it took time for me to sense a greater Presence brooding over me. I was becoming the dream. At first, the nest’s … Read More


Discernment often comes unexpectedly. In the moment: Our vision is sharper. Our hearing is keener. Our knowing is unquestionable. This is when discretion is imperative. Highly sensitive people, who have an added gift of discernment, live with caring deeply and coming … Read More


Pretty little Javelina (Ha-ve-LEE-na) waltzed in, painted sky blue. She fooled me. With such a beautiful name, and dressed in the color of trust, I thought she would be gentle. Kin to Razorback, Javelina hurled her spear, penetrating through me, … Read More

Upside Down

What if we walked through the pages of sacred text, allowing the stories to mirror our journeys? I imagine that considering our lives, in the words, would turn our world upside down. We would surely travel through our childish dysfunctions … Read More

Soul Parts

Once saved, always saved, was a common theme of my childhood faith tradition. There is another kind of lost-ness, here and now. Every time we face maltreatment or deny our True Selves, soul parts leave us. Are we saved, if … Read More

Skinny Buffalo

Skinny Buffalo or Bison’s abundance, it was my choice. She was fixated on convincing me to wear the wintery house shoes without socks. What difference did it make? I decided to forego buying the footwear, because wearing socks had become such … Read More