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Live Beyond

In a ten-year period, I sat with over a thousand men and women, in one-on-one coaching sessions. During that time, I found assessment tools disarming, in generously giving the other a starting language to live beyond. Obviously, I saw several patterns … Read More

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Heyoka’s Stripes

Veiled in Heyoka’s stripes, my friend rubbed her eyes crying, “Waah, waah, waah”. She is one of those rare people who can lovingly mock others, as a successful antidote to self-pity. Together we burst into laughter. Although we were conversing about something outside of either … Read More

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Impossible! What can we do when we find ourselves in relationships that are intolerable? I needed an epiphany! When I finally admitted my passionate dislike, an epiphany shone through the darkness. I felt a heaviness in the relational cloud dissipate. … Read More